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Submitted – accepted – in press

Diaz-Tapia P., Maggs C.A., Macaya E.C. & Verbruggen H.
Widely distributed red algae often represent hidden introductions, complexes of cryptic species or species with strong phylogeographic structure
Journal of Phycology: submitted
Diaz-Tapia P., Pasella M.M. & Verbruggen H.
Molecular analyses resolve the phylogenetic position of Polysiphonia adamsiae (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) and reveal a strong phylogeographic structure in Australia
Phycologia: submitted
Croce M.E., Diaz-Tapia P. & Verbruggen H.
Molecular systematics of the siphonous green algal genus Codium in eastern Victoria, Australia
Cryptogamie Algologie: submitted
Oliveira M.C., Repetti S.I., Iha C., Jackson C.J., Diaz-Tapia P., Magalhaes K., Cassano V., Costa J.F., Cremen M.C.M., Marcelino V.R. & Verbruggen H.
High-throughput sequencing for algal systematics
European Journal of Phycology: accepted
Iha C., Grassa C.J., Lyra G.M., Davis C.C., Verbruggen H. & Oliveira M.C.
Organellar genomics: a useful tool for clarifying evolutionary relationships and understanding molecular evolution in Gracilariaceae (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta)
Journal of Phycology: submitted
Evans J.R., St. Amour N., Verbruggen H., Salomaki E.D. & Vis M.L.
Content and architecture of organellar genomes in the freshwater red algal epiphyte Balbiania investiens (Balbianiales, Nemaliophycidae)
Journal of Phycology: submitted
Cremen M.C.M., Leliaert F., Marcelino V.R. & Verbruggen H.
Large diversity of non-standard genes and dynamic evolution of chloroplast genomes in siphonous green algae (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta)
Genome Biology and Evolution: submitted


Reyes-Prieto A., Russell S., Figueroa-Martinez F. & Jackson C.J. (2018)
Comparative plastid genomics of glaucophytes
Advances in Botanical Research 85: 95-127
Assis J., Tyberghein L., Bosch S., Verbruggen H., Serrao E.A. & De Clerck O. (2018)
Bio-ORACLE v2.0: Extending marine data layers for bioclimatic modelling
Global Ecology and Biogeography 27: 277-284
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Jackson C.J., Knoll A.K., Chan C.X. & Verbruggen H. (2018)
Plastid phylogenomics with broad taxon sampling further elucidates the distinct evolutionary origins and timing of secondary green plastids
Scientific Reports 8: 1523
summaryfull text
Paiano M.O., Del Cortona A., Costa J.F., Liu S.L., Verbruggen H., De Clerck O. & Necchi Jr O. (2018)
Organization of plastid genomes in the freshwater red algal order Batrachospermales (Rhodophyta)
Journal of Phycology 54: 25-33
summaryfull text
Marcelino V.R., van Oppen M.J.H. & Verbruggen H. (2018)
Highly structured prokaryote communities exist within the skeleton of coral colonies
ISME Journal 12: 300-303
summaryfull text
Hoffman R., Wynne M.J., Schils T., Lopez-Bautista J. & Verbruggen H. (2018)
Codium pulvinatum (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta), a new species from the Arabian Sea, recently introduced into the Mediterranean Sea
Phycologia 57: 79-89
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Del Cortona A., Leliaert F., Bogaert K.A., Turmel M., Boedeker C., Janouskovec J., Lopez-Bautista J.M., Verbruggen H., Vandepoele K. & De Clerck O. (2017)
The plastid genome in Cladophorales green algae is encoded by hairpin chromosomes
Current Biology 27: 3771-3782
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Marcelino V.R., Morrow K.M., van Oppen M.J.H., Bourne D.G. & Verbruggen H. (2017)
Diversity and stability of coral endolithic microbial communities at a naturally high pCO2 reef
Molecular Ecology 26: 5344-5357
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Diaz-Tapia P., Maggs C.A., West J.A. & Verbruggen H. (2017)
Analysis of chloroplast genomes and a supermatrix inform reclassification of the Rhodomelaceae (Rhodophyta)
Journal of Phycology 53: 920-937
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Marcelino V.R. & Verbruggen H. (2017)
Reference datasets of tufA and UPA markers to identify algae in metabarcoding surveys
Data in Brief 11: 273-276
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Diaz-Tapia P., Barbara I., Cremades J., Verbruggen H. & Maggs C.A. (2017)
Three new cryptogenic species in the tribe Polysiphonieae (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta)
Phycologia 56: 605-623
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Verbruggen H., Marcelino V.R., Guiry M.D., Cremen M.C.M. & Jackson C. (2017)
Phylogenetic position of the coral symbiont Ostreobium (Ulvophyceae) inferred from chloroplast genome data
Journal of Phycology 53: 790-803
summaryfull text
Bribiesca-Contreras G., Verbruggen H., Hugall A.F. & O'Hara T.D. (2017)
The importance of offshore origination revealed through ophiuroid phylogenomics
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284: 20170160
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Ximenes C.F., Cassano V., Oliveira-Carvalho M.F., Bandeira-Pedrosa M.E., Gurgel C.F.D., Verbruggen H. & Barreto-Pereira S.M. (2017)
Systematics of the genus Halimeda (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) in Brazil including the description of Halimeda jolyana sp. nov.
Phycologia 56: 369-381
summaryfull text
Steen F., Aragay J., Zuljevic A., Verbruggen H., Mancuso F.P., Bunker F., Vitales D., Gomez Garreta A. & De Clerck O. (2017)
Tracing the introduction history of the brown seaweed Dictyota cyanoloma (Phaeophyceae, Dictyotales) in Europe
European Journal of Phycology 52: 31-42
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Diaz-Tapia P., McIvor L., Freshwater D.W., Verbruggen H., Wynne M.J. & Maggs C.A (2017)
The genera Melanothamnus Bornet & Falkenberg and Vertebrata S.F. Gray constitute well-defined clades of the red algal tribe Polysiphonieae (Rhodomelaceae, Ceramiales)
European Journal of Phycology 52: 1-30
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Verbruggen H., Brookes M.J.L. & Costa J.F. (2017)
DNA barcodes and morphometric data indicate that Codium fragile may consist of two species (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta)
Phycologia 56: 54-62
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Rindi F. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
Taxonomic reshuffling of the Cladophoraceae
Journal of Phycology 52: 901-904
full text
Wetherbee R. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
Kraftionema allantoideum, a new genus and family of Ulotrichales (Chlorophyta) adapted for survival in high intertidal pools
Journal of Phycology 52: 704-715
summaryfull text
Alos J., Tomas F., Terrados J., Verbruggen H. & Ballesteros E. (2016)
Fast-spreading green beds of recently introduced Halimeda incrassata (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) invade Mallorca Island (NW Mediterranean Sea)
Molecular Ecology Progress Series 558: 153-158
summaryfull text
Marcelino V.R., Cremen M.C.M., Jackson C.J., Larkum A. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
Evolutionary dynamics of chloroplast genomes in low light: a case study of the endolithic green alga Ostreobium quekettii
Genome Biology and Evolution 8: 2939-2951
summaryfull text
Costa J.F., Lin S.M., Macaya E.C., Fernandez-Garcia C. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
Chloroplast genomes as a tool to resolve red algal phylogenies: a case study in the Nemaliales
BMC Evolutionary Biology 16: 205
summaryfull text
Marcelino V.R. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
Multi-marker metabarcoding of coral skeletons reveals a rich microbiome and diverse evolutionary origins of endolithic algae.
Scientific Reports 6: 31508
summaryfull text
Cremen M.C.M., Huisman J.M., Marcelino V.R. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
Taxonomic revision of Halimeda (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) in southwestern Australia
Australian Systematic Botany 29: 41-54
summaryfull text
West J.A., Zuccarello G.C., Loiseaux de Goer S., Stavrias L.A. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
Rhodenigma contortum, an obscure new genus and species of Rhodogorgonales (Rhodophyta) from Western Australia
Journal of Phycology 52: 397-403
summaryfull text
Fernandez-Garcia C., Wysor B., Riosmena-Rodriguez R., Pena-Salamanca E. & Verbruggen H. (2016)
DNA-assisted identification of Caulerpa (Caulerpaceae, Chlorophyta) reduces species richness estimates for the Eastern Tropical Pacific
Phytotaxa 252: 185-204
summaryfull text
Lam D.W., Verbruggen H., Saunders G.W. & Vis M.L. (2016)
Multigene phylogeny of the red algal subclass Nemaliophycidae
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 94: 730-736
summaryfull text


Huisman J.M., Dixon R.R.M., Hart F.N., Verbruggen H. & Anderson R.J. (2015)
The South African estuarine specialist Codium tenue (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) discovered in a south-western Australian estuary
Botanica Marina 58: 511-521
summaryfull text
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Ecological niche models of invasive seaweeds
Journal of Phycology 51: 606-620
summaryfull text
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Huisman J.M. & Verbruggen H. (2015)
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The plastid genome of the red alga Laurencia
Journal of Phycology 51: 586-589
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Verbruggen H. & Costa J.F. (2015)
Molecular survey of Codium species diversity in southern Madagascar
Cryptogamie Algologie 36: 171-187
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New phylogenetic hypotheses for the core Chlorophyta based on chloroplast sequence data
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2: 63
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The forgotten genus Pseudoderbesia (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta)
Cryptogamie Algologie 35: 207-219
summaryfull text
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Evolutionary dynamics of algal traits and diversity
Perspectives in Phycology 1: 53-60
summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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Morphological complexity, plasticity, and species diagnosability in the application of old species names in DNA-based taxonomies
Journal of Phycology 50: 26-31
full text


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Improving transferability of introduced species' distribution models: new tools to forecast the spread of a highly invasive seaweed
PLoS One 8: e68337
summaryfull text
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Host specificity and coevolution of Flavobacteriaceae endosymbionts within the siphonous green seaweed Bryopsis
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 67: 608-614
summaryfull text
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Climate change impact on seaweed meadow distribution in the North Atlantic rocky intertidal
Ecology and Evolution 3: 1356-1373
summaryfull text
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Algal taxonomy: a road to nowhere?
Journal of Phycology 49: 215-225
summaryfull text
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Permanent residents or temporary lodgers: characterizing intracellular bacterial communities of siphonous green algae
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280: 20122659
summaryfull text
Payo D.A., Leliaert F., Verbruggen H., D'hondt S., Calumpong H.P. & De Clerck O. (2013)
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Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280: 20122660
summaryfull text
Sauvage T., Payri C.E., Draisma S.G.A., Prud'homme van Reine W.F., Verbruggen H., Belton G.S., Gurgel C.F.D., Gabriel D., Sherwood A.R. & Fredericq S. (2013)
Molecular diversity of the Caulerpa racemosa-Caulerpa peltata complex (Caulerpaceae, Bryopsidales) in New Caledonia, with new Australasian records for C. racemosa var. cylindracea
Phycologia 52: 6-13
summaryfull text


Dijoux L., Verbruggen H., Mattio L., Duong N. & Payri C. (2012)
Diversity of Halimeda (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) in New Caledonia: a combined morphological and molecular study
Journal of Phycology 48: 1465-1481
summaryfull text
Verbruggen H. & Schils T. (2012)
Rhipilia coppejansii, a new coral reef-associated species from Guam (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta)
Journal of Phycology 48: 1090-1098
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Oliveira-Carvalho M.F., Oliveira M.C., Barreto-Pereira S.M. & Verbruggen H. (2012)
Phylogenetic analysis of Brazilian Codium species, including the new species C. pernambucensis
European Journal of Phycology 47: 355-365
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Maeda T., Hirose E., Chikaraishi Y., Kawato M., Takishita K., Yoshida T., Verbruggen H., Tanaka J., Shimamura S., Takaki Y., Tsuchiya M., Iwai K. & Maruyama T. (2012)
Algivore or phototroph? Plakobranchus ocellatus (Gastropoda) continuously acquires kleptoplasts and nutrition from multiple algal species in nature
PLoS One 7: e42024
summaryfull text
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The new species Codium recurvatum from Tanzania
European Journal of Phycology 47: 216-222
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Journal of Phycology 48: 326-335
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Contrasting geographical distributions as a result of thermal tolerance and long-distance dispersal in two allegedly widespread tropical brown algae
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Boring algae
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Phycologia 50: 403-412
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Phycological Research 59: 91-97
summaryfull text
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Complex noncalcified macroalgae from the Silurian of Cornwallis Island, Arctic Canada
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summaryfull text


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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull text
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summaryfull textresources
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