Paiano M.O., Del Cortona A., Costa J.F., Liu S.L., Verbruggen H., De Clerck O. & Necchi Jr O. (2018)
Complete mitochondrial genomes of six species of the freshwater red algal order Batrachospermales (Rhodophyta)
Mitochondrial DNA Part B - Resources 3: 607-610


Only two mitochondrial (mt) genomes had been reported in members of the red algal order Batrachospermales, which are confined to freshwater habitats. Additional mt genomes of six representative members (Batrachospermum macrosporum, Kumanoa ambigua, K. mahlacensis, Paralemanea sp., Sheathia arcuata, and Sirodotia delicatula) were sequenced aiming to gain insights on the evolution of their mt genomes from a comparative analysis with other red algal groups. Mt genomes sequenced had the following characteristics: lengths ranging between 24,864 nt and 29,785 nt, 22 to 26 protein-coding genes, GC contents of 21.3 to 30.7%, number of tRNA of 16 to 37, non-coding DNA from 3.8% to 14.8%. Comparative analysis revealed that mt genomes in Batrachospermales are highly conserved in terms of genome size and gene content and synteny. Phylogenetic analyses based on COI nucleotide data revealed high bootstrap support only for the genera usually recovered in the phylogenetic analyses but no support for supra-generic groups. The insertion of a group II intron carrying an ORF coding for the corresponding intron maturase interrupting the COI gene was observed in Paralamenea sp. and accounted for its larger genome in comparison to the other Batrachospermales mt genomes.

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