Verbruggen H., Littler D.S. & Littler M.M. (2007)
Halimeda pygmaea and Halimeda pumila (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta): two new dwarf species from fore reef slopes in Fiji and the Bahamas
Phycologia 46: 513-520


Halimeda pygmaea and Halimeda pumila, two diminutive calcified green algal species are described from material collected on Fijian and Bahaman reef slopes, respectively. The species resemble Halimeda cryptica in having a single siphon traversing the nodes between subsequent calcified segments and living in sheltered fore-reef slope habitats. They differs from H. cryptica by their diminutive size and various anatomical features. Molecular sequence data (tufA) underpin the identity of H. pygmaea and reveal its phylogenetic position in the genus, as a sister to H. cryptica in Halimeda section Micronesicae.

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