Zuccarello G.C., Price N., Verbruggen H. & Leliaert F. (2009)
Analysis of a plastid multigene data set and the phylogenetic position of the marine macroalga Caulerpa filiformis (Chlorophyta)
Journal of Phycology 45: 1206-1212


Molecular phylogenetic relationships within the Chlorophyta have relied heavily on rRNA data. These data have revolutionized our insight in green algal evolution, yet some class relationships have never been well resolved. A commonly used class within the Chlorophyta is the Ulvophyceae, although there is not much support for its monophyly. The relationships among the Ulvophyceae, Trebouxiophyceae, and Chlorophyceae are also contentious. In recent years, chloroplast genome data have shown their utility in resolving relationships between the main green algal clades, but such studies have never included marine macroalgae. We provide partial chloroplast genome data (?30,000 bp, 23 genes) of the ulvophycean macroalga Caulerpa filiformis (Suhr) K. Herig. We show gene order conservation for some gene combinations and rearrangements in other regions compared to closely related taxa. Our data also revealed a pseudogene (ycf62) in Caulerpa species. Our phylogenetic results, based on analyses of a 23-gene alignment, suggest that neither Ulvophyceae nor Trebouxiophyceae are monophyletic, with Caulerpa being more closely related to the trebouxiophyte Chlorella than to Oltmannsiellopsis and Pseudendoclonium.

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