Sauvage T., Payri C.E., Draisma S.G.A., Prud'homme van Reine W.F., Verbruggen H., Belton G.S., Gurgel C.F.D., Gabriel D., Sherwood A.R. & Fredericq S. (2013)
Molecular diversity of the Caulerpa racemosa-Caulerpa peltata complex (Caulerpaceae, Bryopsidales) in New Caledonia, with new Australasian records for C. racemosa var. cylindracea
Phycologia 52: 6-13


Molecular characterization (plastid-encoded tufA gene) of New Caledonian members of the Caulerpa racemosa-Caulerpa peltata complex identified five lineages, each possibly harboring multiple species-level entities. On a global scale, the complex encompassed six lineages, two of which were pantropical and the remainder seemingly were restricted to the Indo-Pacific basin. Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea, a fast-spreading introduced taxon in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands, was previously thought to be restricted to southwestern Australia; it was newly reported here for New Caledonia and several northern Australian locations, including the Great Barrier Reef.

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