Lab members

Group leader

Heroen Verbruggen
E-mail: — Twitter: @heroenv
PhD: Ghent University, 2005
My interests span the fields of algal evolution, microbial symbiosis, genome biology and bioinformatics. I love computational simulation as a tool to explore ideas and methods, and nerdy science stuff in general.

Postdoctoral researchers

Trevor Bringloe
E-mail: — Twitter: @TBringloe
PhD: University of New Brunswick, 2018
My research interests focus on Artic algal biodiversity and biogeography. I am using a combination of species distribution modelling and molecular phylogeography to understand current patterns (and predict future patterns) of population distribution and structure.
Cintia Iha
PhD: University of Sao Paulo, 2018
I work on algal genomics and bioinformatics, including the Ostreobium nuclear genome, chloroplast genome evolution and phylogenomics.


Xin Tian Mok, BSc honours student
I am studying how we can learn more about algal biodiversity through environmental sequencing and how knowledge from different marker genes can be compared in multi-marker metabarcoding.
Marisa Pasella, PhD candidate
MSc: Marche Polytechnic University, 2017
— Twitter: @MarisaAlgae
My background is in algal ecophysiology. I am studying the photobiology of Ostreobium culture strains using a combination of physiological experiments, field work and comparative genomics.
Uthpala Pushpakumara, PhD candidate (with ANACC)
BSc/Hons: University of Sri Jayewardenepura, 2018
I have an interest in bacterial functions in ecosystems and have just started a PhD on algal-bacterial interactions.
Francesco Ricci, PhD candidate
MSc: University of Bologna, 2015
E-mail: — Twitter: @Fra_Ricci_
I investigate the micro-niches within the skeleton of scleractinian corals, using planar optode imaging to analyse their physicochemical properties and molecular techniques to characterise the associated microbiota.
Ryan Sauermann, BSc student
I have an interest in biochemistry of marine organisms and bioinformatics. I'm building my skillset by helping out with a few projects in the lab.
Kavitha Uthanumallian, MPhil candidate
MSc: University of Madras, 2002
E-mail: — Twitter: @kavithaplastid
I am interested in molecular evolution, particularly how organismal traits correspond with patterns of selection and drift.

Lab alumni

Monica Ly
Group member: 2019 (BSc)
Seraphya Berrin
Group member: 2013-2015 (MSc)
Guadalupe Bribiesca Contreras
Group member: 2015-2018 (PhD)
Margaret Brookes
Group member: 2014-2017 (BSc/Hons)
Joana Costa
Group member: 2013-2019 (PhD, research assistant)
Chiela Cremen
Group member: 2014-2018 (PhD)
Emilia Croce
Group member: 2017-2018 (visiting postdoc)
Pilar Diaz
Group member: 2014-2019 (postdoc)
Olivia Doyle
Group member: 2017-2018 (volunteer)
Cintia Iha
Group member: 2017 (visiting PhD student)
Samira Imran
Group member: 2017-2018 (MBiotech)
Chris Jackson
Group member: 2015-2018 (postdoc)
Marie Kinsey
Group member: 2015 (BSc)
Ming Fen Eileen Lee
Group member: 2018-2019 (BSc & volunteer)
Vanessa Rossetto Marcelino
Group member: 2011-2017 (MSc, PhD)
Maika Matsumoto
Group member: 2018 (intern)
Sam Old
Group member: 2016-2018 (MSc)
Sonja Repetti
Group member: 2018-2019 (BSc honours)
Lambros Stavrias
Group member: 2013-2014 (MSc)
James Tapa
Group member: 2018 (BSc)
Lennert Tyberghein
Group member: 2008-2012 (MSc, PhD)