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Project data summary
Project ID: ABRS_TTC216-03
Type: Research Grant
Funding: Australian Biological Resources Study: Bush Blitz programme
Amount: $15K
Period: 2017-2018
Integrative taxonomy of selected Croajingolong NP marine algae

The Croajingolong Bush Blitz in November 2016 resulted in ca. 700 samples of marine algae being collected from Gabo Island and the Mallacoota area. The first aim of this tactical taxonomy grant is to provide DNA-assisted identifications for a selection of the collected red and green algae using rbcL and tufA markers, respectively, complemented with publicly available images of the sequenced samples to aid morphological identifications. The second goal is to investigate the taxonomy of four taxa found during the expedition in more detail: Codium (two species of interest), Diplocladia and Dasyclonium.