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Project data summary
Project ID: DP150100705
Type: Discovery Project
Funding: Australian Research Council
Amount: $445K
Period: 2015-2017
Proposal: DP150100705.pdf
Genome dynamics following plastid endosymbiosis

Plastid endosymbiosis events (enslavement of an algal cell inside of a host cell to form a plastid) are difficult to pinpoint because the genomic data required for a broad array of species are rarely available. Furthermore, the classical method used to infer endosymbiotic gene transfers is being criticised. This project will elucidate the origin of chlorarachniophyte and dinoflagellate plastids and characterize the genome dynamics following endosymbiosis. It uses densely sampled genome data obtained with high-throughput sequencing technologies. Simulation studies will be used to evaluate methods for inferring endosymbiotic gene transfer and alignment-free methods will be used to improve phylogenomic pipelines. For more information, please read the project proposal.