Active projects

Project name Period
Genome dynamics following plastid endosymbiosis 2015-2018
Integrative taxonomy of selected Croajingolong NP marine algae 2017-2018
Hybrid assembly of holobiont genomes in the coral skeleton 2018-2018

Past projects

Project name Period
Marine genomics: Genome biology and evolution of key primary producers 2015-2017
Evolutionary dynamics of the algae: Understanding adaptive potential under environmental change 2012-2016
Molecular systematics of the siphonous green algae 2013-2016
Genomic tools to study coral reef resilience 2013-2013
Plastid endosymbiosis: a detailed study of genome dynamics not funded
Probing key innovations with next generation sequencing not funded
Macroevolutionary dynamics of marine algae 2009-2012
Data generation and processing power to resolve fundamental questions in green algal research 2007-2010
Elucidation of fundamental processes in green algal evolution through integration of molecular phylogenetics, genome analysis and experimental gene evolution research 2006-2009