Our research centers on five main topics: algae, evolution, macroecology, biodiversity and bioinformatics. Our aim is to be creative in combining two or more of these research fields in our projects. This usually leads to exciting new ideas that are fun to work on and keep those brain juices flowing.

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Marine algae form the common denominator of the lab's research efforts. We are interested in various aspects of their diversity, evolution and macroecology.

Our research encompasses macroscopic algae (seaweeds) and microscopic algae (phytoplankton), and everything in between. Depending on the question one wants to answer, either seaweeds or microalgae may be the more appropriate organism to work on. Seaweeds can be easily collected and studied in the field, whereas microalgae are easier to culture in the lab.

Because we are just scraping the surface when it comes to our knowledge about algae, a considerable part of the work consists of exploratory studies of their biodiversity, ecology and evolutionary relationships. Once this basic information is available, we can go into more specific questions. The scope of our research is very broad. I encourage you to explore the various topics by clicking the icons above.