PhD position available

We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student to join the group to work on the evolution of ecological niches of marine algae. Follow this link for more information.

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These are the web pages for the lab of Heroen Verbruggen at the University of Melbourne in the School of BioSciences.

Research in the lab focuses on the evolutionary diversification of marine algae, using molecular phylogenetics to explore their diversification and answer specific questions about their evolution. We focus on a range of topics in algal biology, including geographic modes of speciation, evolution of niches through geological time, paleontology, the emergence of important cellular and physiological innovations and the genetic changes underlying such innovations. Bioinformatics and phylogenetics take a central position in our approach to these research questions. We also carry out systematic research, asking how molecular and morphometric data can complement one another in algal species delimitation.

These web pages include more detailed descriptions of the lab's research focus, major projects, PDF files of our scientific papers (including datasets and other resources), and software we wrote to automate certain analyses.

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